About NYC: When Is It Time For A Move?

There are days when our studio apartment in NYC seems too small. Or when our commute from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to the Upper East Side seems dreadfully too long. But how do you know when these are just fleeting feeling or if you have come to a point in time where moving to a new home or piece of real estate in New York City is the right move? No one can make that decision for you, but here are some of the most popular reasons of why people go through the moving process here in the City.

Top Reasons To Find A New Apartment Or Home

Need More Space: As you spend year after year in one home, you tend to accumulate more things, whether it be furniture, clothing or exercise equipment. And as you treat items better and they last longer, items that may have been thrown out because they broke seem to last years longer than you thought they would. And as you continue in your career and are able to afford more things, you usually buy more things. These are just a few reasons why you may need more space. But whatever the case, if you find you can't throw enough away, donate enough or sell enough of your possessions to make the needed space, it is probably time to look at new real estate in New York City.

Expanding Family: A studio apartment was great for just you (and maybe even you and your significant other). But once the family starts growing much more you'll find that more room is needed for everything that comes with building a great home for your family. But don't think you need to move too far away. NYC is a great place to raise children.

Closer to Job: A commute that involves 2 buses and 3 trains may have sounded exciting when you said yes to the job, but as the months and years pass, it can become a drain. If day after day you start dreading the commute on New York's public transportation system, take a look to see if it would be worth it to move closer to your job.

Closer to the Activities you Like to Do Most: Maybe you don't mind a commute to your job, but you hate that you have to spend extra time just to get to the park where you play softball or do most of your jogging. Or maybe there isn't a good library near your current apartment in Brooklyn. If you find that you spend more time traveling to your activities during the evening and on weekends than you actually do enjoying yourself, maybe you can find a new home that is closer to all it is that you enjoy.

Better Value for Rent/Mortgage Payments: You shouldn't just up and move because an apartment opened up that is cheaper or a home is for sale that will allow you to make lower mortgage payments. You need to make sure that the new home would offer you the same benefits (or at least comparable) that your current living situation does. It may not make sense to pay hundreds less it means spending hours more each day commuting, or if it means losing sleep each night because you're on a main artery for emergency vehicles. But you should always be on the lookout for a better value to make sure you are getting the most for your money, along with getting what you want.

Getting Kicked Out: Whether you are a good tenant or a not so good one, it happens. When you get kicked out you will have to start looking for a new NYC apartment or home.

Better Neighbors: At certain times in your life staying up past midnight and playing loud music may have seemed like a good idea. But at some point you may enjoy getting a full night's sleep. If your neighbors haven't grown with you, it may be time to look into quieter neighborhoods within the City.

Looking for a Greener Lifestyle: One of the fastest growing reasons of why people are moving these days is to help the environment. People are looking for homes that allow them to walk or ride their bike to work, are near the stores they shop at, have energy efficient appliances and even run on solar power. And as more and more people look for a greener New York City, landlords and home sellers are going to adapt their offerings accordingly.