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One of New York City's most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan, Upper West Side apartments are found between 59th Street to 96th Street, from Central Park West to the Hudson River. Classic turn-of-the century apartment buildings, row upon row of brownstones on wide, tree-lined side streets, the massive and heavily trafficked Avenue called Broadway, mom-and-pop stores and the famous Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts, has set the tone for the Upper West Side for years.

Long considered relaxed and artsy, and home to intellectuals, writers, musicians and actors, the area bowed to gentrification in the mid 90s. Expensive luxury high-rises offer stylish Upper West Side apartments, and a growing number of upscale restaurants and superstores (such as Barnes & Noble and Victoria's Secret) are redefining the area and blending the old with new. The Upper West Side has become the preferred uptown stomping ground for the young and socially active.

If finding an Upper West Side apartment is your goal, budget both time and money into your search. And, consider apartments on the other side of the park. The Upper East Side, from Lexington Avenue to the East River, offers surprisingly affordable housing.

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