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Soho apartments and lofts in Manhattan are located in an area that is actually an acronym for SOuth of HOuston. Soho is bordered on the south by Canal Street, the north by Houston Street, the east by Broadway and the west by 6th Avenue. In addition to being close to popular areas of New York City -- Greenwich Village, Little Italy, the Financial District -- Soho is also close to many convenient subway lines, making a Soho apartment or loft close to everything you could want to do in Manhattan.

Largely commercial for most of the 20th century, artists pushed to have the neighborhood's many vacant warehouses, with their natural light and tons of open space, turned into residential lofts in the 1970s and '80s, perfect for sculpting and painting. At that time the area was zoned exclusively for artists and their studios, with storefront galleries at ground level. It was the real deal.

Then Soho was "discovered", and consequently Soho apartments and lofts have become much sought after for those choosing to live downtown. Soho now boasts a swank atmosphere with working actors and high-paid models living in the neighborhood, and it claims to be one of the safest neighborhoods in all of New York City. There's high-end retail shopping, high-end galleries, high-end eateries and high-end tourists. The blessing is that Soho still retains its spectacular European-style, old-world architecture and cobblestone streets.

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