Meet CitySites Relocation Services

Your Personal Relocation Service

CitySites Relocation Services has been created to serve corporations and individuals as a real estate / lifestyle consultant and resource provider. We provide complete relocation services that are completely consumer/transferee driven. This includes international relocation services and help for people moving from one New York City apartment to another, The advocate becomes the consumer's trusted partner in all aspects of the real estate transaction and lifestyle choices. In the New York City market there are no viable choices to one-stop shopping or to the way the transferee buys, sells or rents property.

CitySites Relocation Services has harnessed all of the need-to-know information about Manhattan neighborhoods. We provide access and answers on an extremely individualized basis:

  • where to live,
  • how to secure a mortgage,
  • how to find the right school, doctor, contractor, painter, plumber, florist,
  • how to secure telecommunications services, cable services,
  • banking information,
  • immigration information,
  • social security services,
  • appliances
  • and any other matter that may arise where help is needed.

We Achieve this by

  • Our unique combination of relocation expertise
  • Ability to offer a personalized menu of services
  • Unrivaled selection of housing in New York City's notoriously tight market
  • Experienced, well trained agents throughout the company, many fluent in Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish