About NYC: Raising Kids In NYC

As most residents know, NYC is a great place to have a family and raise kids. This may come as a surprise to some outsiders, but it truly is. Even though when you raise your family in the City instead of a suburb you give up some things, you actually don't give up that much. And what you and your children gain can far outweigh what is missing.

What you don't give up raising kids in NYC

One of the first things people talk about when choosing where to raise their kids is education. NYC has some terrific public, private and charter schools where children learn from some of the best teachers in the country. And one of the reasons why there are so many great schools is because there are so many other kids in NYC. So it's not like your children will be growing up in a world of adults. They'll have plenty of fiends, and better yet, most likely it will be a culturally diverse group of friends so they will be exposed to many things they may not otherwise have been.

Just like other communities, NYC has things to do for children of all ages, and for families of all make ups. There's not just nightlife for people over 21 in the City. There are festivals, arts and craft events and learning opportunities pretty much everyday of the week. Just do a quick search on the Internet and your sure to find something to do that's perfect for your family.

What you gain by raising kids in NYC

You and your family gain everything! Everything is right out your front door. Something educational to do on the weekend? Sure - NYC is full of museums, libraries, theaters and more. Without even trying your family may be healthier by staying in the City. That's because most of the time you'll be walking to your destination, and even when you need to take a subway or bus somewhere, there will be at least a little walking involved.

For parents there are some great things about raising kids in NYC. First off, you get to share NYC with your kids throughout their youth, showing them all the great places and bringing them to all the great events that made you fall in love with the City. When they hit their mid teens, you don't have to teach them to drive the minute they get their learner's permit as they will be using public transportation for a few more years (at the very least). What could be the best benefit for parents is your kids don't have to go far for post secondary education or jobs, as NYC is home to an abundance of both of them. Now they may want to go somewhere else, but with so many options in their hometown they may just stay nearby.

For kids there are some perks that they'll love. Some chores that you'd need to assign them in the suburbs if you owned a home just don't exist here in your apartment - shoveling snow and raking leaves are just two of them. And ask any kid who is doing those chores and they'll say they would give anything to not have to do them.

When you're deciding whether or not to raise your family in NYC, you want to take in all the information that you can. But realize that there are a tremendous amount of advantages to having your kids grow up in the city that you truly love.