About NYC: Quiet Neighborhoods In Manhattan

Many people who live outside of the NYC area have an image of our home as "The City That Never Sleeps." And while that is true, that does not mean that you have to go out and party all night each and every night. There are plenty of great locales in Manhattan for mature adults to move to that give them access to all they want in the City while allowing them to get a full night's sleep in.

Recent college grads and twenty-somethings head to NYC in droves to get a taste of the excitement that NYC has to offer. With television shows, movies, books and magazines all portraying Manhattan as a place where more fun than you can imagine is around every corner, who can blame them. While all they have heard before arriving is probably true, nothing is as amazing as the real thing. Most of us know of a few people who make it to their desk at 7am and entertain the water cooler crew with tales of their all-nighter. And they do this multiple times a week. Some of you reading this may even fall into this category.

But there comes a time in most every ones stay here in Manhattan when we mature and start to explore options for a more manageable long term lifestyle. The good news is that you do not have to leave the City to find it. Although we are in "The City That Never Sleeps," there are great areas of Manhattan that actually do sleep.

Neighborhoods such as Murray Hill and Battery Park City are famous for having quieter streets, but if you look around any neighborhood in Manhattan your sure to find something that meets your needs. If you currently live and work in say, the Upper East Side, and couldn't dream about leaving, you should not have to. There are plenty of streets in this neighborhood that get quiet after the evening rush. And if you move an extra block or two away from your favorite club or after hours hangout the daily temptation to stay up until the wee hours of the morning will subside.

If you have found yourself looking to transition to a quieter lifestyle, or if you are moving to Manhattan and want to make sure you can get your full 8 hours of sleep, we can help. Give us a call and we can talk with you about which areas might suit you best. And while you are searching for your next apartment or condo, keep these Quick Tips in mind:

  • Be sure to check out the apartment during the day and night: What is quiet during the day may be a block party come nightfall.
  • Ask around: Neighbors and co-workers have all looked for real estate in the City so it might benefit you to learn what they have learned.
  • Read the papers: Always read neighborhood papers and websites to see what types of events (good and bad) are happening in the areas you are looking to move to.
  • Remember what you like to do: If there is a favorite restaurant or park that you like, be sure you can still get there in a timeframe you can deal with. You do not have to give up all you love just to get a few extra hours of shuteye.