Rentals: Guide to Finding the Right Neighborhood in New York City

Whether you are moving to New York City from out of town, or going from one rental apartment to another, making sure you end up living in a neighborhood that fits well with your lifestyle is important. After all, you'll be spending almost every day of the year there. So where do you start your search for the perfect NYC neighborhood for you?

Research Manhattan Neighborhoods & Other Popular Areas Online

CitySites New York offers overviews of the hottest neighborhoods that NYC has to offer. So before you do anything, start by seeing if any of these Manhattan neighborhoods or villages outside Manhattan may be of interest to you. Each has plenty to offer, including a variety of rental options from studio apartments to townhouses.

Call the Locals

Who knows what to expect in different areas of the City than the people who live and work there? Start by calling the local Chamber of Commerce and asking them questions about the different areas. If they don't have the answers themselves, they should be able to direct you to people who can help. As you continue to narrow your search, see if you can get referrals from complex owners and landlords. They should have some readily available for you to call and speak to. And while on the phone with the referrals, see if they would be willing to share other locals' phone numbers so you can get another perspective on the area.

Take a Walk or Ride

After you narrow your choices down, be sure to visit each area. And not just a drive through or a trip to a popular restaurant. Spend at least a couple hours walking or driving around the area. And if possible, do so on different days and at different hours. Remember, in a few weeks or months this could be where you live. You should be sure that you are comfortable with everything from the traffic and noise level to availability of parking.

Keep Up on the News

Read the local papers, listen to news radio and watch the local news broadcast. Keep notes on what you see and hear in regards to new developments, businesses moving in and out, quality of life stories, crime and anything related to the neighborhoods. By tuning in to these types of stories you may be surprised at what you learn about an area which could make you more or less likely to choose it.

After you narrow down your search to a few of NYC's best neighborhoods, it's time to narrow your search of available apartments. Start by reviewing the apartment rental listings and resources available from CitySites.