About NYC: What's Hot When it Comes to NYC Apartments

Everyone wants to make sure they are getting the best when they are renting or buying and apartment here in NYC. In addition to looking for top quality amenities, they also want to be sure their new apartment is keeping up with the latest trends. It is with this in mind that we offer some of the hottest trends we've seen lately that won't go out of style any time soon.

  • Turning Green - the more energy efficiency the better, including with the apartment structure (i.e., windows and doors), appliances and fixtures
  • Floor to ceiling windows - especially when there are great view to be had
  • Access to fitness center - more and more people want to make sure they will get to the gym, and swimming pools are as popular as ever
  • Friendly but quiet neighbors - does this ever really go out of style?
  • Rooftop decks - great views, quiet space, entertaining area
  • Parking garages - to keep car maintenance costs down and to keep them safer
  • Access to Wi-Fi - make sure you're not in a dead zone
  • Hardwood floors - they last and look great
  • Added security - including adding home security systems to the apartment

One other item we noticed is that many people want to know the entire story of their new apartment, and not just why is it on the market. They want to know about the people that were there before the last tenants, and the people before them, and... Getting to know the history of the apartment allows them to appreciate it a little bit more, especially if they find out that someone famous either lived or frequently visited it.

So whether you are looking at a new apartment or into renovating your current one, take a few minutes to check to see if you are keeping up with the latest trends in NYC apartments.