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Are you moving to or within New York City? In addition to the great services that CitySites provides in regards to New York City rentals and real estate, you may want to take a look at some of these businesses that could offer some help while you relocate.

Is your business one that would be of interest to visitors to Please let us know about your website so we can take a look at it and decide if it fits in one of our New York City real estate categories.

Business Policy

Is your website pertinent to Manhattan, New York City, New York, Connecticut or New Jersey? Or does it contain products for use by homeowners or renters? Useful information about moving or deciding on an apartment in New York City to move in to? Home improvement products and solutions? Does it offer National or International Real Estate Sales? GREAT - Contact us and if we agree your business will be of value to the users of our site, we will post on our site as soon as possible.

We prefer the following:

  • Your website does not compete directly with our website.
  • Your website does not fall in to the category of adult sites, matchmaking sites, online gambling sites, or pharmaceutical sites.
  • Your website does not use pop-ups and pop-unders excessively.
  • You link to first, using the code below:

<A HREF="">CitySites Apartment Listings In New York City</A> -- Find residential and commercial real estate throughout Manhattan & other boroughs at

Then, please email with your site's linking information, and the exact URL of where you have placed the link to CitySitesNY - Your link will be reviewed and once approved, a link will be posted on this website with your company description. Please note that we do not accept banner ads on this site, links are in text format only.