About NYC: New York City Real Estate

When you think of New York City real estate, most people automatically think of Manhattan and the wonderful variety of neighborhoods that make up the County of New York. It's almost natural, because when people talk about the City, whether or not they are from the area, they more often than not just mean Manhattan. But when it comes to real estate, either for residential living or for an investment property, when you think of New York City real estate it pays to think beyond the City.

Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island all offer something unique when it comes to looking at homes and apartments. Whether it's a hipster neighborhood like Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or an upscale community like Forest Hills, Queens, each one is worth looking into as you search for your new home. You never know what's changed in an area until you take a peak or ask around. That holds true for home buyers and for those renting apartments.

One of the primary benefits in looking at real estate outside of Manhattan is price. There is typically a steep decrease in what you would pay for the same type of housing once you step outside Manhattan. That means the number of properties you can choose from increases substantially, and more choices usually means a better choice.

So as you browse our real estate listings, take a few moments to explore:

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