About NYC: Manhattan Loves Being Green

Have you heard? New York City is quickly becoming one of the more environmentally friendly places to live in the world. The City, and particularly Manhattan, have continued to promote greener ways of living and the people of New York have really taken to the benefits that this lifestyle has to offer. So what makes New York City so green? Here are just a few ways. If you have other examples of ways to make the City more environmentally friendly, please let us know so we can share with the rest of New York.

First off, most everything is within walking distance (and many residents decide to relocate to spots within the City that allow them to walk to most places they need to visit). From work places to grocery stores to recreation areas, a simple walk outside allows residents to do what many people outside the City need to drive 30 minutes or more for. This includes heading to some of the best places in the City to eat. And if walking is out of the question, there's plenty of public transportation options. The subway is the most well known, but New York City has a great bus system, as well as taxi cabs to utilize in a pinch. There is no reason to own a car within NYC, except maybe to leave it, which you may not have a reason to but a few times a year.

Construction in NYC has turned green as well. The number of LEED certified building projects being built and planned increases every week. These are projects (new construction and remodeling) that lead to environments that conserve energy, reduce emissions, lower operating costs and more to help the environment. So as you plan your move into Manhattan, be sure to ask what's being done to your new home to help the environment.

What's more green than a grass roots effort? Find out by Googling 'New York City green'. You'll see information on what locals are doing to help their community. Tips for living in the City with a minimal carbon footprint, lists of markets and other businesses that support the environment and much more is out there for you to learn from.

And let's not forget that NYC is led by a mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who is huge proponent of protecting the environment. He has proposed the planting of more trees, taxes on cars entering Manhattan, ways to make solar power a more realistic option and many other initiatives that are gaining traction. This leadership in the environment arena has inspired residents, as well as other local governments, to look at ways they can help. But the mayor can't do it alone. In the end it is the people of New York who will make the difference, and they are leading the way to reducing the carbon footprint of our great City.