About NYC: Chelsea

Far West Chelsea Apartments: Find New York City Apartments In An Up And Coming Neighborhood
West of 10th Avenue, between 22nd and 29th Streets, one finds the frontier lands of Far West Chelsea. The area is an outgrowth of the popular area known as Chelsea proper that is found east of 10th Avenue. Chelsea, home to a varied and colorful group of neighbors, is full of life with interesting cafes, avant-garde nightspots and unique shopping boutiques. The area was coined 'Chelsea' in 1750 when Captain Thomas Clarke bought the then farmland area to retire on and named it after the Chelsea Royal Hospital, a home of an old soldier in London. Like most areas of New York City, the kaleidoscope of time has often changed the face of Chelsea since the period of time that Captain Clarke found his nice little patch of rural peace. At present, the price of one apartment in Chelsea costs more than the price presented to Captain Clarke for the entire proper.

If one ventures a little further west into the area of Far West Chelsea, one notices that the squeaky urban polish of Chelsea fades a bit into a more industrialized tone. Cutting edge shopping, nightlife and cultural spots jut out amongst the still mainly industrialized setting of what is known a little further south as the Meat Packing District. This area still retains a lot of the feel of New York City in the 1940s, especially as one relishes the feeling of your taxi bouncing along the original cobblestone streets of this area. Far West Chelsea is considered an area in the early stages of transition. Art galleries, cafes and bars are not out in the open as in Chelsea proper but are rather to be found hidden in former meat packing warehouses. There is a certain outward roughness to be found in this burgeoning area that is home to a blossoming inner charm.

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