About NYC: Rent Williamsburg NYC Apartments

East Williamsburg - A Hot NYC Neighborhood With An Interesting Past
It is estimated that in the next two to three years that there will be an additional 3,000 to 4,000 housing units available in the Greenpoint-Williamsburg area. This area has undergone a dramatic revitalization in the last decade making renting a Williamsburg NYC apartment very desirable.

Shabby, uninhabited factories and warehouses now house a growing population of chic creative professionals who have turned the large raw spaces into sophisticated lofts. There are cafes, bars and restaurants for every taste in Williamsburg now, much like the West Village was a decade ago. On the fringes of Williamsburg, East Williamsburg is experiencing an intense revitalization as well. While still largely industrial in nature, East Williamsburg is following fast on the tracks of Williamsburg proper.

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