About NYC: Best Places to Eat

Want to know the best places to eat in New York City? Here we present a listing of our favorite New York restaurants that offer everything from fine dining to bistro menus.


Corner Bistro

331 West 4th Street@ Jane St
Average burger $5

Where in New York can you get a cheeseburger that requires a two-handed pick up for $5.25? The corner Bistro is known for its legendary burgers. You may have to wait in line to get one of these premium burgers, but with $2.50 drafts your wait will be a sweet one.

American Creative


2315 Broadway @ 84th Street
Average main course $24

You can expect the fare each night at Ouest to be top notch. The exquisite cuisine is served by an experienced and lovely wait staff. Tables and chairs are comfortable and very accommodating in a dining room that is open to the kitchen. Expect to feast on such unexpected dishes as the baby calamari sautéed in spicy tomato soppresata sauce and potato gnocchi served in a bowl with prosciutto, artichoke and exotic field mushrooms. The meats such as pork tenderloin and pan-roasted rabbit come in hunk-size portions.



Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the Time Warner Center
80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street
Prix-fixe dinner $65, Tasting menu $85

You glance up from your salad plate of viscous green lettuce covering a mound of bauble-size couscous, adorned with bacon foam to view astonishing sweeping views of Central Park. Your second course distracts you from the view as a plate of delicious lobster en cocotte in a seafood-citrus broth is placed in front of you. This is followed by a suckling pig whose parts have been arranged in a delightful array of textures. The wondrous tastes in your mouth are only topped by the spine-tingling vistas outside the windows.


Blue Smoke

116 East 27th Street
Average main course $16

With the crop of BBQ establishments that have sprung up in New York, none can hold a candle to the likes of Blue Smoke. With their succulent selection of BBQ including St. Louis Spareribs, Memphis baby back ribs and Texas salt-and pepper beef ribs it's obvious that no one knows their dry rubs and wet sauces better than Blue Smoke's owner, St. Louis native Danny Meyer.


Son Cubano

405 West 14th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)
Average main course $19

Without having to deal with the hassle of trying to figure out how to get down to Cuba for a few nights of fun, you can immerse yourself in the ambiance of Cuba right at Son Cubano. Within the interior of white-painted brick and old-style ceiling fans, sit back with a glass of jalapeño-infused Cubanosa in your hand, and enjoy the vibrant crowd and live music. This place is great to visit when you just want to 'get out of New York'.



114 Dyckman Street at Nagle Avenue
Average main course $19

For those adventurous enough to trek up to the northern regions of Manhattan for a taste of the exotic, there is DR-K. In an area where Dominican restaurants punctuate every street corner, DR-K rises from the multitudes. The interior is modern with oxidized metal paneling and fixtures, and glass table tops embedded with the finest pearly sea shells. The cuisine ranges from empanada appetizers containing different fillings of mixed seafood, chicken in yucca and beef in wheat flour, to seafood asopas (soups) and finished with deserts of homemade ice cream and guava and cheese desert empanadas. Afterwards head to the upstairs lounge where on weekends you can dance your meal off to the beats of merengue, hi-hop, and R&B.

Flora and Fauna

New Leaf Café - Fort Tryon Park

1 Margaret Corbin Drive
Average main course $20

This verdant establishment, the venue for Laurence Fishburne's wedding, is the lunching spot destination after a visit at the beautiful nearby Cloisters Museum. Beautiful and intricate paperwall sconces adorn the spring green colored walls. Inside one still feels connected to the beautiful outdoor park scenery via the multitude of airy and large windows. Boasting a beautiful bar and lovely outdoor patio, New Leaf Café is THE New York park eatery.



253 West 11th Street
Average main course $13, cash only

Space is tight in this traditional French bistro, but it only adds to the allure of this Bring Your Own Wine establishment. It is worth it to come to Tartine for the tasty frites alone, but who can turn down a mouth-watering French chicken pot pie (bouchée al la reine) or the exotic spicy chicken soaked in garlic and white wine sauce accompanied by a scoop of guacamole.



210 East 58th Street (between Second and Third Avenues)
Average main course $19

Everything on the menu at Dawat is flavorful and tasty without being over-seasoned. A perfect place for both lunch and dinner, the wait staff at Dawa will expertly help you put together the perfect meal for your palate. Try the aloo tikkyas (fried potato and curry patties accompanied by fragrant chili and coriander chutneys) followed by the moist coriander seasoned salmon wrapped in a steamy banana leaf.


La Bottega

88 Ninth Avenue @ 17th Street
Average main course $18

Eating under paper lanterns with the dapper crowd on the patio makes La Bottega one of the most enjoyable outdoor Italian establishments in New York. The fare is a classic trattoria mix (meat, pasta, pizza and fish) that is of superb quality served at reasonable prices. Quality and presentation are matched as exampled by the branzino which is covered in dry spices served on a smoking cedar plank.



105 Hudson Street @ Franklin Street
Average piece of sushi $6, average hot dish $25

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has won many awards for this celebrity-populated sushi establishment. An innovator in the world of fish, chef Matshuhisa has set the pace for sushi places across Manhattan. Masterful delicacies such as the mile-high bowl of rock shrimp tempura accompanied by the special creamy sauce, and paper-thin slices of slightly seared fish tickled with sesame and olive oils will take you on a kaleidoscopic taste adventure through the land of Japanese cuisine.



209 East 49th Street (between Second and Third Avenues)
Average main course $23

The gorgeous white sandstone hacienda style interior foretells the class and beauty of the cuisine that is about to be served at Pampano. Mini lobster tacos bursting with succulent plump tidbits of meat, striped bass steamed in gracious banana leaves, and the mango-infused tuna ceviches are just some of the Mexican delights to be found at this highly creative establishment.



1108 Fulton Street
Average main course $12

If you want to feel like you are actually eating in a family-run café in Dakar, then this is the spot to feast at. The seating arrangements are interesting, you have your choice of sitting on wood tribal beds or on animal-carved stools. Some dishes not to miss are the mburu fass (Senegalese French toast that is filled with Guava) and the mango-avocado salad that comes with a portion of spicy shrimp fritters.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Peanut Butter and Co.

240 Sullivan Street
Average sandwich $6

This joint sports peanut butter sandwiches that are out of this galaxy. Try the Elvis: a tasty blend of a grilled sandwich complete with peanut butter, bacon, banana, and honey. Or for a taste explosion go for the Death by Peanut Butter, mounds of ice cream, peanut butter, Cap'n Crunch and peanut-butter chips. Whatever peanut butter concoction your taste buds are craving Peanut Butter and Co. delivers.

Vegetarian Korean


12 East 32nd Street
Average main course $17

Hangawi's tag line 'a vegetarian shrine in another space and time' aptly describes the experience one will have upon visiting this Vegetarian Korean establishment. Upon entering, you are invited to slip off your shoes and then escorted to a table where you sit on pillows where your feet dangle into a well hidden beneath the low table. Nirvana-like music infiltrates your senses and the candlelight and décor invite you to enter another dimension. The dishes and beverages are refined, fragrant and multidimensional in flavor.