About NYC: Your Own Little NYC Getaway

We are all too aware of how fast-paced NYC can be. From the thousands of people we pass by each day to the countless news and advertising headlines to the 'always connected' digital world we live in, it can be a challenge to find a few minutes to relax. And when we do have a few minutes, it may be tough to find the right place to take a breath or a good activity that will allow you to let your mind concentrate on something else for a while. Luckily for you, even in NYC it's not that tough to take a step away from it all and get a quick getaway.

It's right in your own apartment

And by getaway we don't mean you hop on a plane and head for a beach in Florida. We're talking about 15 - 30 minutes when you can stop thinking about what's been on your mind all day. Relax a bit so it doesn't feel like the world is moving at 300 mph. Just unwind.

With TVs or computers in every room, a phone constantly in your hand and something always going on outside your apartment widow, it can be tough to let it all go away for a few moments. But it doesn't have to be. Just a few simple tricks can help you step into your own little world and enjoy some time as if you are the only person in the City.

  1. Decide which room in your apartment offers the least distractions (electronics, windows that open to busy streets, in the middle of a hallway, etc.). If you have access to your apartment's rooftop, or you have a quiet balcony, this could be an option as well.
  2. Choose some music that helps calm you down, or, music that puts in you in a good mood. Make sure that when it will be time to getaway that you will be able to play it (so if your escape happens late at night, you may want to use headphones). If all you are looking for is peace and quiet, you don't need music or nature sounds. But you may want some noise deafening headphones to keep and possible distracting sounds from reaching your ears.
  3. Choose a small activity that you enjoy, but that doesn't take a ton of concentration. Popular ones are painting, reading, crossword puzzles, small gardens, and knitting. (Note: if you are choosing to read, you may want to use peaceful sounds as your music, or use sound deafening headphones instead) Have everything you will need for your activity prepared so when it comes time to getaway, you can do so on a moments notice. What you don't want to be doing is something that will take up a ton of your energy. Avoid activities like rearranging a room, putting an entertainment center together or filling out important financial documents.
  4. If there is not one all ready in the room, place a timer or clock in there.
  5. Be sure to let everyone that may interrupt you know when you are going for a getaway. The last thing you want is to be interrupted in the middle of it to answer some trivial question like 'What are you doing?'
  6. Test out your apartment getaway. It's best to do when no one else is in the apartment or will be for a period of time. Head to your room, turn on the music, set the timer or alarm to go off a few minutes before your getaway will end and submerse yourself in your activity. The goal of the test is to get your mind and body used to the idea of getting away, and also to make sure you picked an activity that will work for you.
  7. If your getaway worked, start thinking about different times throughout the month when you can escape again. If the activity really didn't take your mind away from the things on your mind all day, try again with a new activity.

By following these steps you'll eventually be able to take your very own getaway once a week or even once a day, in your own apartment. This will enable you to relax more as well as become better prepared for all that you enjoy about New York City. After all, you do live in the City because you love all the activity and everything it has to offer.